Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York hosted its Fourth Annual Business Mixer

The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York hosted its Fourth Annual Business Mixer on Wednesday February 12th, 2020. This was another signature independence activity, geared towards bringing together professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses owners, for an evening of networking. HR Inspired Business Solutions, Twist by Vee, Tropical Touch Design, Bodysiac and JSB Catering Services were the featured businesses this year.Business Mixer

Consul General, Mr. Alvin J. Landers, in his welcoming remarks, reminded the gathering that the world is continually evolving, and the businesses that thrive, are the ones that are able to
evolve with their changing environment:

“The world has changed; the world is changing, and the only way to thrive, is to evolve with the world.

We are part of an era, a new economy, a global, intangible, border-less economy, where building your unique brand is critical to your success.

Your competitive advantage lies not only to think outside the box, but to think like there is no box..

To connect with the right people, to remain vigilant and to capitalise on emerging opportunities. You need to be a game changer!!!

Marc Anthony said, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

With this said, I leave you with this question: ask yourself: “If I were starting completely fresh in a world where anything is possible, what would I love to be doing?”

The Consul General impressed upon the minds of Entrepreneurs with this thought:

“This is your time. Remember: opportunities don’t just happen.. You create them. I leave you with this quote by Lynda Barry: “No matter what, expect the unexpected. And whenever possible, BE the unexpected.”

The Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York thanks Caribbean Social, a Saint Lucian owned restaurant on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, for being the sole sponsor of this remarkable event.

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