Creole Heritage Month 2020



September 17, 2020

On Thursday, September 10th, 2020, Events Company of St. Lucia Inc. joined its partners, the Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) and the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) in a press conference set up to announce plans for Creole Heritage Month (CHM) 2020. Present were key officials from each agency, agency staff and the media. Events Saint Lucia took the lead in announcing that the approach for the observance of Creole Heritage Month 2020 would be primarily focused on the production of native content to be distributed via all popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Instagram TV, as well as YouTube. “We well recognize the challenges which this world pandemic, COVID 19, has brought about. However, we prefer to look beyond this circumstance and see this as an opportunity to become more creative; to push our boundaries and to ensure that every Saint Lucian is afforded the opportunity to observe and celebrate this very special season which defines us as a people. We are also very happy to be engaging Saint Lucian artistes and event industry stakeholders once again,” commented Chief Executive Officer of Events Saint Lucia, Lorraine Sidonie.  Click on this link (Creole Heritage Month 2020) for more information.

Kweyol Heritage Month