The CARICOM Consular Corps Meeting

Today, Consul General Mr Alvin J Landers and Vice Consul Miss Victoria Bousquet attended a meeting of CARICOM Consular Corps to help establish and implement operating guidelines for the Corps.CARICOM CROPS MEETING

The Corps is made up of Consuls General or designates of the 15 CARICOM nations in New York.

The CARICOM Consular Corps is guided by the vision of the Caribbean Community, CARICOM, which is an integrated, inclusive and resilient body driven by knowledge, excellence, innovation and productivity; practicing a consistent commitment to honesty, trustworthiness and that which is morally correct in relationships and operations, safeguarding the interest of nationals at home and the diaspora.

Their mission is to work together to deepen integration and build resilience so as to:
– affirm a collective identity and facilitate social cohesion of the people of the Diaspora;
– Identify economic and cross-cultural projects and investment opportunities to advance social and economic development toward reducing poverty, unemployment, and social exclusion and their impacts;
– Interface and liaise with emerging technologies to benefit the Caribbean Diaspora;
– Encourage citizens to accept responsibility to contribute to the welfare of their fellow nationals and the common good.
– Maintain and promote Caribbean cultural heritage.

The body meets once every month to push forward agendas mutually beneficial to its members.

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